Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February Net Worth Update

I thought I'd give calculating my net worth on a monthly basis a shot...sort of just for the hell of it. It's not a very difficult calculation, given that I don't have money in very many places, and they're all aggregated in Bank of America's My Portfolio feature (my favorite financial tool ever). It's also not a very exact calculation, given all of the things it doesn't take into account--that I've written checks for $685 that haven't cleared my checking account yet, or that almost half of my existing cash savings are savings specifically for the purpose of spending, et cetera. Nevertheless, it might turn out to be an interesting metric.

So...let's take a look.

Bank of America accounts (checking, "float fund"/Keep the Change savings, and CD): $2,575.53
ING accounts (Mini-E, travel fund, gift fund): $2,880.56

401(k): $643.22
Roth IRA: $6,970.99

Chase Freedom credit card: $56.57

Total: $13,013.73

NetworthIQ gives me this little graph, which isn't actually very helpful since it just maps the trajectory between $0 and where I am now, but hopefully it will get more helpful and interesting as I continue to update.


Duvet Dollars said...

Awesome track. I too am tracking worth. Let's keep it up! :)

GoldnSilver said...

nice! I will start tracking my net worth, but it will be on a quarterly basis... so I have a couple more weeks...

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