Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm Going To Buy Coupons on eBay: Yes, Really

Today I bid $1 for 20 coupons on eBay. Yup. Really.

It sounds really silly--paying for coupons on the internet?--but given that for $2 (including shipping, which is probably heftily marked up because what does it require to "ship" coupons other than, you know, an envelope?) I can save $20, it's actually a pretty darn good deal. The coupons are $1 off two bottles of Suave hair care products, and I go through a lot of Suave Naturals conditioner--probably 2 bottles a month. Paying $2 for them instead of $'s pretty hard to argue with that.

Mostly, I really do think coupons encourage you to buy products you wouldn't otherwise buy, plus, they're a ton of hassle, so I don't bother. But something like this, where I use the product consistently and in substantial volume, and can just get the relevant coupons? To me, that's a winner. If there's a single product you use consistently, I'd recommend doing a quick search--maybe you, too, can buy coupons off the internet and save a few bucks.


SF Money Musings said...

I thought about doing that when there were BOGO loreal vive coupons and BOGO free sales at Rite Aid. But I ended up passing because I didn't like the shampoo all that much.

I've switched to Jason's biotin shampoo and it's amazing! it was only $4 for 4 bottles with GCO and free shipping.

But buying coupons works when it's for say free 16 oz bag of cat food. One person was selling like 20 of them for $1 ...

HC said...

Good luck with that. It seems straightforward.

Also, just so's you know, I'm pretty sure tonight is the night Joss Whedon is directing The Office. Whee.

The Family CEO said...

I've bought dog food coupons on eBay several times. I paid $5.26 for $25 worth of coupons. It was totally worth it to me.

Great blog...I'm enjoying it.

Mom2fur said...

I'm an avid couponer and I have bought coupons on eBay with great success. I sometimes buy the packs of 100 or so with many different coupons. Even if I only use a third of them, I still come out ahead.
I think I spend an hour or so a week on sorting coupons and matching them to grocery sales. Maybe more than that. I consider it a hobby and time well spent. I saved $30--or 45% of my bill--at the grocery today. And yes, on products I do normally buy. If I spent 2 hours on the coupons (and this week, I actually only spent about an hour), that's a savings of $15 an hour. Not too many jobs pay you like that, LOL! And you can do it while watching TV.
One thing that makes it easier is It works out to be pretty cheap per week (and you can try a few weeks for a dollar to see if you like it), and well worth it because I never save less than 35% and usually hit 45%-50%.