Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Feedback: Redux Edition

Here's what the English Major is...

...reading: Well, I zipped through the copy of Bait and Switch that J.D. very kindly sent me for a review (wait for the review, but in general, this isn't a read-over-and-over kind of book, so don't buy it) and went back to Wide Sargasso Sea.

...watching: Six Feet Under. Yes, again. Yes, from the beginning.

...listening to: Begin to Hope, Regina Spektor's latest. Listen first. If you like it even a little bit the first time, it will only grow on you--buy it. (I wasn't a big fan the first time I heard it, but K. and my best friend are both big fans, so I heard it over and over and now I love it.) If not, cleanse musical palate and avoid forever.

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Strange Bird said...

I LOVE that album. I've had "On the Radio" stuck in my head all week.