Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How could I forget eBay?

I just sat up very straight in my chair and had a Eureka! moment: eBay! I have a bunch of things I've been putting off selling, and it's time to get moving. I need to make sure I have my digital camera dock, but I'm going to go home tonight and do a little rampage through my Stuff to see exactly what I can (and should, because space is always needed) get rid of. I can do the listings on Sunday evening.

This is reassuring, since I was unsure where I was going to come up with the time to take on new stuff right away, given that both of my volunteer projects are about to kick into high gear.

I'm going to shoot to finance the approximately $150-$200 that I still need for the Chicago trip in early April with eBay sales. Let's see if I can do it.


Anonymous said...

If I may presume to speak for us all:

Yay! Good luck!

--a frequent reader

S/100/30 said...

eBay saved my butt many times in college.