Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why You Should Have a Giving Plan: An Anecdotal Look

Here's a reason I'm glad I budget for charitable giving in every paycheck: a coworker of mine was killed last weekend under truly awful circumstances. As the past several posts have mentioned, my budget is stretched pretty tight right now. Nevertheless, I got paid today, and I've got my 5% allocated to charitable giving. That allocation means that I can write a check for the collection that the company is taking up to benefit my late coworker's young son. The total sum is being matched by the company, which doubles the power of every dollar, and doubles the regret I'd have if I couldn't afford to give anything.

I'm just very glad not to be in the position of being unable to help. The man who died was one of my favorite people in this building, consistently kind and friendly to me from the day I started working here. I'd hate to be unable to do this small thing for his family.


Quang said...

Powerful story... =/ Sorry for your co-worker and has family... Yes, I too found that giving is much more worthwhile than receiving, The joy you get from giving is a gift in and of itself.

3 Things About Money said...

I'm so sorry you lost a good friend and I so agree with you that there is such power in giving, even a little, even when stretched. A thought-provoking post.

cupcake said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear of your coworker's death. My sympathies.